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Get accurate guidance for Free ‐ till you are eligible to apply for your Immigration while in Canada.

We have learned from our research and experience that many International students fail in Canada as they do not get proper guidance.

We have met a number of International Students who lost many opportunities in absence of professional and ethical help.

We understand that the now you will need a trustworthy consultant, who cares and is always available to assist you.

Hence, we had to come up with one very exclusive service only for international students in CANADA which ensures quality without compromise:

When you are traveling to Canada for the first time, and if you do not have any friends and family, GEPSI will help you find a good location to live closer to your college. By availing this service, the students can get a chance to live in a shared accommodation, which will be closer to the college and being shared, it will also save a lot of time as well as money.

Our research shows that students have been unsuccessful in getting skilled/field jobs due to the poor representation on resume and during interviews, we have launched this service wherein students will be given tips on how to prepare their resume as per the Canadian standards and prepare themselves for a professional presentation during their interviews.

Sometimes, if student’s passport is expiring earlier than their program’s end date, they may get a visa only till expiry date of the passport.
Or, if a student fails, student upgrades the program or changes the program, subsequently their end date of the program changes and it may go beyond their visa end‐date. Under these situations, student may require getting their visas extended.

Upon successfully completing their program, students are eligible to obtain from one to three years of open work permit, which is called PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit). This is supposed to be a very smart move. Students can get this work permit only once. Hence, it is extremely important for a student to use it smartly. GEPSI will provide accurate guidance on when to obtain this work permit. Complete procedure of obtaining PGWP is covered in this.