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Common Mistakes While Sponsoring Spouse from India to Canada

Having a good immigration company by your side increases your chances to have any family reunification application accepted. The Best Immigration Consultant for Spouse Sponsorship makes processes go faster and without any mistakes. There is always important information to revise before submitting whether one is applying with a consultant or not. And when it comes to the need for Spousal Sponsorship. One may find it troublesome about the application things that at times can get quite tricky.

Here are some of the common mistakes that people tend to make while applying for a Sponsoring Spouse from India to Canada-

Using incorrect application forms

At times the forms that are linked online contain recent versions of the forms. These updated frequently and without any prior warning to the users. Sometimes it may update more than once within a single year. Hence, in case one is submitting the sponsorship application using an older version of the forms, it can return back to the original sender.

Outdated forms

Working with all these documents can be quite tough as all quite look the same and they are full of difficult questions. However, the Canadian government follows strict rules in this case and is very rigorous when it comes to the complete application processes. That is why it is always better to work with the newest version of forms.

False registration of fingerprints

It is important to note that the fingerprints must be done both for the sponsor and applicant. Also, it is done by one of their recognized agents or the local police in the applicant’s home country. Also, one must remember that attaching the fingerprint in a white paper with just stamping will not work.

Mistaken application category

It recommended making sure that one is applying under the Family Class stream to become a permanent resident in Canada. This will help one to guide through the actual category that he or she is applying for.

Legal relationship

You can possibly apply if as of now are seeing someone. It likewise implies that you can’t support a companion in the event that you still not separated from a past mate if material.

Hence, these are some of the most common mistakes that should avoid if one is applying for Sponsoring Spouse from India to Canada. For that, taking help from the Best Immigration Consultant for Spouse Sponsorship is always beneficial.

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